As a visionary, planner and implementer ; to play an active role in the development of trade and industry in our region by following the requirements of developing  competitive and technological conditions, to be active in the regional and national business world by carrying out strong lobbying activities, to behoove on all stakeholder groups by performing social activities.



Until 2025, to contribute  to the development of industry and trade with our innovative works and play an effective role in the 
socio-economic development of our region.
Towards perfection.




S1. Being a reliable Chamber with a prestigious, reputable and corporate identity

S2. Educated, equipped, knowledgeable, experienced personnel and managers

S3. Technological infrastructure and ability to use technology

S4. Having a high-level physical structure that can be accessed from a hub to the services that the member needs

S5. Being a pioneer and successful in project and management systems

S6. To be the leading institution in its region with increasing the export capacity of its members

S7. Variety of services

S8. Providing quality and on time service

S9. Ability to adapt to innovations and changes

S10. Having Professional Committees, Assembly and Board of Directors working in coordination and efficiently with each other

S11. Effective use of communication tools

S12. Collaborating with Public Institutions, Local Authorities and the private sector with taking an active role.




W1. Not being able to interact with members and not being able to reach all our members.

W2. Lack of profit-oriented collaborations and affiliates to increase income

W3. The Chamber does not have a multi-purpose social facility.

W4. Lack of Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

W5. Not being able to provide the bridge between our members

W6. Chamber Membership awareness is weak of members.




T1. Increasing damage to the environment such as environmental pollution, global warming

T2. Increase in the unskilled labor force due to the intense immigration of the region.

T3. Inadequate security due to population growth in the region.

T4. Rapid depletion of groundwater resources.

T5. Being in the earthquake zone.

T6. Environmental problems arising as a result of rapid development in the region and also unplanned urbanization.

T7. Establishment of the Headquarters of Industrial Organizations in Istanbul.

T8. Unplanned entrepreneurship

T9. Qualified Intermediate Staff needs of our Chamber members.

T10. Weakness of the sense of belonging in the region.

T11. Inefficient use of energy

T12. Inability to benefit from some incentives due to our regional location.

T13. Variability in the economy

T14. Being a district that cannot be managed with district status.

T15. The absence of a university with more than one faculties in Çorlu.

T16. Epidemic Diseases (i.e. COVID 19)

T17. Inability to access up-to-date statistical information on a district basis




O1. Çorlu's logistics location, access to transportation networks, industrial density and university potential

O2. The changing service needs of the members and the potential for new business areas with the increasing member qualifications.

O3. Fast service opportunity thanks to e-signature application and technological innovations in public institutions

O4. Changing the way of communication, opportunity to use new communication opportunities and social media

O5. Existence of European Free Zone and Organized Industrial Zones and being an area of attraction for national/international investors.

O6. The membership structure consists of companies that have become national and international brands.

O7. Our members have an R&D and innovation structure.

O8. Many companies in ISO 500 are members of our Chamber.

O9. Creating an attraction area in technology development together with TEKNOPARK which our Chamber is a partner.


Çorlu Chamber of Commerce and Industry adopts TS-EN-ISO 9001 and TS ISO 10002 Management Systems in its services to Members within the framework of laws and regulations and undertakes the articles below:
· To determine the risks, opportunities and resources for the planned targets in order to achieve our strategic goals, and actualize and monitorize the strategic goals,
· Implementing the duties and strategic targets that is obliged to fulfill, by realizing it quickly, accurately and effectively and improve it continually,
· To follow innovations depending on technological developments, to provide services to our members with the latest technology and to constantly observe member satisfaction,
· To act with the understanding of social responsibility and sustainability in all its activities,
· To provide a suitable working environment, including technical infrastructure, by giving importance to personnel satisfaction and encouraging success and teamwork,
· To implement the institutionalization activities, standardization and to train its personnel with this policies in order to ensure the economic stability, sustainable development, KYS awareness and good management practices of the Chamber.



Çorlu Chamber of Commerce and Industry takes care of meeting the expectations of its stakeholders and society in all its activities with its corporate governance approach.

Our Chamber cares about protecting and improving the communication climate and manage the perception that has been created in its target audiences with the corporate values it has adopted, trust that it owns, clearness, and approach of business and social ethics. And the Chamber also monitors this perception and reflects it on its practices



Çorlu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, within the scope of Budget and Accounting Regulation Law (no. 5174) Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey ,
with the resources like the registration fee, annual dues, additional dues, fees for the services rendered, document fees, publication revenues, donations-aid, subsidiaries and other incomes
undertakes the articles below to achieve the objectives of the establishment specified in the law and the strategic main objectives established within the scope of the quality policy
· To evaluate the financial resources it needs in the fields where the risk is least, with the respect of principles of transparency and accountability.
· To submit regular financial reports to the relevant authorities according to the system established in order to provide transparency, accurate information and timely information in line with accounting principles.
· To use the available resources of the Chamber in the most effective way for qualified services aiming the satisfaction of its internal and external customers.
· To use the existing resources of the Chamber to support the production and employment in the region.
· To create a reliable control awareness in the management and to provide an effective financial control environment.
· To prepare the Annual Current Budget and present it to the Assembly in accordance with the determinations and recommendations of the Accounts
· To carry out the activities within the scope of the strategic objectives of the Chamber Strategic Plan and the Annual Business Plan, in accordance with the annual current budget.
· To provide timely and accurate financial information to help monitoring and controlling the management of financial resources of the Chamber that operates financially in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and uniform accounting system.
· To evaluate the assets owned by the Chamber by time deposits, participations and taking funds.
· To ensure that the financial resources of the chamber are stronger, the Chamber makes decisions by the results of researches in the financial sector.
· To increase the available resources of our Chamber,
by using legal means within the framework of TOBB Law No. 5174.



The human resources policy of Çorlu CCI, which values science and technological development, cares about teamwork, is committed to the environment, society and ethical values, is aware of business responsibility and quality service, and adopts that each of its employees is a separate value, is as follows;
· To employ a sufficient number of human resources in accordance with the qualifications, skills and budget opportunities required by the job,
· To bring in people who has a high level of education, open to innovation and change, entrepreneurial, dynamic, result-oriented, aims to improve themselves and their business.
· To prepare an environment for continuous professional and personal development with in-service trainings,
· To carry out a wage policy in accordance with the responsibility, risk, experience and merit required by the job description,
· To prioritize the sense of belonging and motivation of the employees,
· To monitor employee performance regularly, to apply rewards in accordance with their performance and to support open communication about this,
· To consider employee suggestions and expectations,
· To create equality in opportunity among employees,
· By taking care of rights and responsibilities of our employees, to act in accordance with primarly Labor Law, Occupational Health and Safety Law, PDPL, TOBB Law No. 5174, Internal Directives and other legal regulations.
· To provide a qualified, peaceful and warm working environment by creating a working environment that respects human rights, where employees share individual and corporate values,
· Informing the employees in a timely manner on matters concerning themselves
· To review and update all our human resources practices according to the conditions of the day, thus keeping them in a dynamic structure and ensuring continuous development.


· To ensure that the Chamber establishes consistent and warm relations with its members, other external customers/stakeholders based on the principles of transparency, and to ensure the continuity of these relations.
· Reaching the population who are not aware of the Chamber services, who are not aware of the institutional power of the Chamber, and who are not aware of the value of the Chamber for our country.
· Establishing a clear, understandable, effective and secure communication with the target population within and outside the organization.
· To prepare strategic communication plans that will best convey the Services offered by the Chamber; to its members, other external customers/stakeholders and the public.
· To convey the opinions and suggestions of the Chamber, its works and activities to the target audience by making use of the opportunities in the field of information and communication technologies; To determine the most effective communication methods by consulting members and stakeholders on communication tools
· Depending on the content of the message to be transmitted, reaching the target audience through visual and written media, corporate website, e-mail, sms message, fax, telephone, social media, mail, indoor board communication methods
· To publish the "Çorlu Trade and Industry Newspaper" monthly, which covers Chamber’s activities, the opinions of the Chamber on various issues, the information facilitating the professional activities of the members, and the current national and international issues in the trade and industry sectors, and to deliver them to the target audience.
· Publishing monthly bulletins with news from the Chamber and the industry and delivering them to the target audience
· To prepare announcements and publications for the purpose and objective of the Chamber's activities.
· To ensure that the corporate web page, Youtube Channel and social media accounts are up-to-date and with an understanding that takes into account the needs and expectations of the members.
· Delivering the Chamber's celebrations, messages, and wishes to the target audience on special days and weeks that are determined by the Board of Directors, through newspaper advertisements, internet page, Youtube channel, e-mail, sms message and social media
· To ensure the creation and preservation of the Chamber’s news archive (written, audio, visual) from the Local and National Press-Publications.
· To establish relations with local and national media (written, audio, visual) institutions based on the principles of transparency and to ensure the continuity of these relations.
· To keep the database containing the contact information of local and national press organizations up to date for effective communication.



The Chamber has adopted the Information Security Policy to protect the information assets of Çorlu CCI, to manage these assets in a way that will serve the strategies of the Chamber, to operate an Information Security Management System that will ensure the satisfaction of its customers and members, and to continuously improve it.
In this respect, the principles of our policy are as follows:
· To protect the information assets of Çorlu CCI against all kinds of threats that may occur knowingly or unknowingly, from inside or outside, to ensure accessibility to information as necessary through business processes, to meet legal requirements,
· To ensure the continuity of the three basic elements of the Information Security Management System in all activities carried out below;
Confidentiality: Preventing unauthorized access to important information,
Integrity: Demonstrating that the accuracy and integrity of the information is provided,
Accessibility: Demonstrating the accessibility of information by those with authority when necessary
· To deal not only with the security of the data kept in electronic environment but also of all data in written, printed, oral and similar media.
· To raise awareness by providing Information Security Management trainings to all employees,
· To report all actual or suspicious vulnerabilities in Information Security to the ISMS Board and to ensure that they are investigated by the ISMS Board,
· Preparing, maintaining and testing business continuity plans
· To determine the existing risks by making periodic evaluations on Information Security. As a result of the evaluations, to review and follow the action plans.
· To prevent all kinds of disputes and conflicts of interest that may arise from contracts.
· To meet business requirements for information accessibility and information systems.



With the Risk Management Policy created in accordance with the vision, mission and policies of Çorlu CCI, we aim to protect the assets and values of our Chamber, to eliminate risks, to act in line with legal requirements, to gain the trust of internal and external stakeholders and to improve continuously.
For this purpose, we undertake to realize the following items:
· Establishing and implementing a risk management system based on the principles of protecting the values of assets, operational safety and sustainability and in accordance with strategic objectives
· Identification of risks that may endanger the existence, development and continuation of our Chamber,
· Implementing the necessary measures regarding the identified risks and managing the risk,
· Identifying opportunities that can increase the effectiveness of our Chamber,
· Considering our risks and opportunities, which we define as the effect of uncertainty on our targets, as a part of all our processes, to manage them effectively,
· To prepare the action plans in advance and improve them constantly
· Making reports in certain periods,
· Performing performance measurement with the reports prepared by the Risk Committee,
· Adhering to ethical principles,
· Senior management provides the necessary infrastructure and resources,
· Defining responsibilities related to risk management and carrying out activities to raise awareness of stakeholders



Çorlu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, within the framework of quality values, is committed to fulfilling the following items with reliability, honesty, leadership, principles, member-oriented management approach to all members, employees and other stakeholders of our Chamber.
· To handle the Complaints reaching our Chamber in a transparent, objective, fair, accountable and confidential manner,
· Our customers can send their complaints, requests, applications and suggestions to our Chamber easily and free of charge,
· By putting ourselves in the customer's place, give services with an empathetic approach,
· Our employees are the basis of customer satisfaction, and we take the necessary corrective actions so that the same complaint does not occur again,
· Providing innovative solutions for customer needs by following the technology closely
· The fastest reaction time is offered in the services that are given to our customers,
· Complaints are resolved in accordance with legal conditions, laws and regulations, with continuous improvement,
· We constantly improve our sensitivity in the resolution of complaints, and follow up customer complaints until all reasonable solutions are exhausted or customer satisfaction is achieved,