Çorlu lies in the North-west of Turkey (Thrace) and it lies between th 41 degree 07 min. 30 sec. Eastern longitude and 27 degree 45 min. 00 sec. Northern latitude.Kırklareli,F-19-C1,lies on the thread-cutter measured 1 / 25.000. Çorlu’s altitude from the sea is between 150 – 180 m.Çorlu lies in the catchment area of Ergene and lies in somewhere that is the centre of Thrace. From east,it is surrounded with the district of İstanbul that is Silivri, the district of Tekirdağ,Muratlı and the district of Kırklareli that is Lüleburgaz. From the South it is surrounded with the Sea of Marmara and Marmara Ereğlisi. Çorlu is the fourth on acount of the area that lies on Tekirdağ. Çorlu’s surface area is nearly 991 km. Altitude of the district is 183 m. The ridges which are the extensions of Mountain Yıldız are the highest region of Çorlu. The largest land of the Çorlu involved in the catchment area of Ergene (The area where river Ergene pours it’s water out). Here is the gangue area of sedimentaries that are eroded from Mountain Yıldız anda re dragged from rivers.In addition to this, the area is the border between the catchment area of Ergene and coast line of Marmara.